Our Investment Objective

Imperial Ace Capital (“IA Capital”), with IA Equity Partners combines access to capital, industry expertise, and our scaled resources to create long term value in the client’s we work with. Our portfolio of companies and affiliates have had tremendous success in retail hospitality and building supply chain verticals. Strong international relationships and appointees ensure access to opportunities creating a robust transactional pipeline for our stakeholders.

Private Equity Model

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Identify Opportunity

Through Imperial Ace Consultants, IA Capital qualifies and identifies private companies or assets that are early stage or undervalued and under-capitalized in depressed markets.

Integrated Transformation

While engaged in consulting services, IA Capital integrates our team of experienced management executives into key positions to develop a strategic roadmap on repositioning the company.


Once established, we arrange for strategic equity, credit markets, or financing vehicles to deploy capital to underlying companies in order to provide rapid growth by integrating them into IA Capital’s business ecosystem.

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Restructure for Merger or Acquisition

In the case of exemplary businesses and opportunities, IA Capital or IA Equity Partners may exercise rights to acquire majority or controlling interests in suitable companies.

Growth Execution

Enterprise value is built using a vertically integrated approach to develop and implement strategic, operational, finance and governance efficiencies by leveraging the resources across our synergistic lines of businesses and affiliate companies.
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Strategic Exit or Liquidity

Creating an end product that provides sustainable residual income, capital appreciation, or a combination of both.

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